Seaguide Fly Snake Guide Set


Color: Polished-S
Rod Length: 2-4 wt. up to 10'


  • Seaguide fly fishing rod stainless steel snake guide set
  • Frame: SS316 LBG double-foot guide + SS304 snake guide 
  • Ring Insert: Zirconia ring
  • 2-4 wt. Fly Rods up to 10': 1 PCs of SLBLSG10, 1 PCs of SSSG08(3), 1 PCs of SSSG7.5(2), 2 PCs of SSSG07(1), 6 PCs of SSSG6.5(1/0);
  • 5-6 wt. Fly Rods up to 10': 1 PCs of SLBLSG12, 1 PCs of SSSG8.5(4), 1 PCs of SSSG08(3), 3 PCs of SSSG7.5(2), 5 PCs of SSSG07(1);
  • 7-9 wt. Fly Rods up to 10': 1 PCs of SLBLSG16, 1 PCs of SLBLSG12, 1 PCs of SSSG9(5), 1 PCs of SSSG8.5(4), 1 PCs of SSSG08(3), 5 PCs of SSSG7.5(2);
  • 10-12 wt. Fly Rods up to 9': 1 PCs of SLBLSG20, 1 PCs of SLBLSG12, 1 PCs of SSSG10(6), 1 PCs of SSSG09(5), 1 PCs of SSSG8.5(4), 5 PCs of SSSG08(3);


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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