COM by Seaguide

SEAGUIDE COM is a completely new concept which combines carbon fiber and reinforced nylon on one seat perfectly. The designer integrated rear grip and reel seat onto this COM seat. In addition, it’s ergonomic design provides better handling while it reduces fatigue.  DON’T MISS IT! 27% OFF Intro Special use code COM27


SEAGUIDE New Medium-Heavy Boat Rod Guide MRG

New MRG for 20-30lbs. class rod, lighter than 30~50lbs XRG guides. 

SS316L Stainless Steel frame provides superior strength and extreme corrosion resistance for saltwater fishing.

Deep-drawn frame provides better protection for the ceramic ring.

Silicon Nitride RS ring, Zirconia LS ring and Zirconia ES ring can be used on MRG frame.

Size 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 are available. 

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Adamantium/Adaman Coating

Adamantium/Adaman Coating is Seaguide's  second generation Vapor coating. Compared to their first generation PVD coating, Adaman coating has thicker and harder coating layer. It provides better abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Adaman reduces the friction between fishing line and guides that helps with smoother line casting.

Adaman coating black MKG with stainless steel ring is available @ A.R.W.

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