SEAGUIDE Carbon Fiber Rear Grip CB3TM76-20




Seaguide Carbon Fiber Grips.

New Carbon Fiber Grips featuring new material and ergonomic contouring.

Stronger, lighter, denser than any current grip material. What it means is the ultimate in energy transmission, far better than cork, EVA, hypalon or other carbon fiber grips. 

Fits Seaguide reel seat SAS size16, XZS size16, XCZS size16, PLS size17, XCSS size16&17, XDPS size20, XMS size16, XCMS size16, XCIS size16, ECS size16, TCS size16,17&18.

Fits all reel seats with 27mm or 1.08" O/D.

3K Matte Black.

Arbor Form included.


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